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PTACIA Committees

The Parent Teacher Association of Cornerstone International Academy (PTACIA) is an active parent and teachers association that provides support in creating a warm school environment for all stakeholders. As active participants in the school community, we have created the following committees to enable us appropriately channel and organize our assistance to the school.

All parents are invited to join any of the committees listed below. Members of each committee contribute ideas and dedicate time to participate in planned activities. Assistants range from organizing parents’ events, participating in planning of school events, volunteering as chaperons for field trips etc. Each committee has a head chosen by the members of that committee. Please read the brief introductory notes of each committee below and select the one you may want to join.

Welcome Committee: This is a committee set up with the aim of receiving and welcoming new parents at events such as parents’ orientations, PTACIA meetings, etc. This committee during such engagements will briefly address parents on their experience with the school and the programme. During school events, the welcome committee will introduce that particular event to parents and speak briefly about the need for its organization. The committee will work in collaboration with the Events Committee.

Community Outreach Committee: This committee will be heavily involved in our outreach programs: for example, ACleanGhana Project which will involve quite a number of community engagements. The Community Outreach committee will drive programmes initiated by students and the school community. The committee is structured such that its roles are intertwined with that of the Event’s committee.

Events Committee: As the name suggests, this committee will be assisting with school events. Parents in the Events Committee assist by sharing ideas, planning and organizing school events such as carol services, family picnics, etc. They collaborate with the other committees and the school’s Administration to initiate and organize school events.